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Rising Stars Preschool

Rising Stars Preschool, located within the Waiwhakaiho Indoor Sports Stadium in New Plymouth, is a privately owned center licensed for 60 children aged two and above. Our distinctive program combines education and care with sports, guided by qualified teachers and local sports figures as coaches.

We focus on teaching fundamental skills like catching, kicking, and throwing while involving families to respect their input and provide a safe, engaging learning environment with an expansive outdoor area and sandpit.

Join Rising Stars Preschool for a unique early learning experience.

Whats the difference between Rising Stars and other Preschools?

  • Sports-based learning opportunities designed to provide children a chance to develop a range of skills, as well as helping them develop an understanding of how to keep their bodies fit and healthy
  • Sports skills such as catching, kicking and throwing through movement education
  • Active exploration in our safe and attractive learning environment including an impressive outdoor area and large sandpit
  • Free van pick up and drop off service
  • Active curriculum building physical, social and emotional well-being

Free pick up and drop off Service

We offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off van service, providing a secure transport solution for children facing limitations in attending our center. This service extends to families requiring additional support because of their location or scheduling constraints.
Our skilled driver is a dedicated member of our team, guaranteeing a dependable and safe service.
It's important to note that this service comes at no cost to our center families.

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Promoting fit and healthy bodies

My Daughter loved her time at Rising Stars. The activities set up by the sports coaches were a fav for her & the sports coaches were always so encouraging. I loved the large indoor space so even on wet days there was plenty of room for the kids to run around. I can’t fault the staff, they were all so kind and attentive and you could tell they really cared for the kids.
— Donna Stanley