About Rising Stars Preschool


Rising Stars Preschool is a unique, positive and inspiring environment. Our centre provides a fun, learning and sporting atmosphere, where the teachers are passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic.

Ngā tamariki are given time to experiment and explore through a creative and meaningful programme. This builds upon their physical, social and emotional well-being. Children develop an understanding of how to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

Rising Stars Preschool works in partnership with all families/whānau and the community to ensure that their cultures, aspirations and thoughts are respected and listened to. The diversity of our learners is valued and respected through the relationships that we build. We promote open and on-going communication between parents, families, whānau and teachers.

Links to Te Whariki

Belonging: Children and their families feel a sense of belonging in an environment where links with family and wider world are extended.

Exploration: Children learn through active exploration of the environment. They learn through play – by improvising, exploring, compromising, negotiating, and being playful.

Contribution: Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’s contribution is valued. There are equal opportunities for learning irrespective of gender, ability, age, ethnicity, or background

Communication: The languages and symbols of children’s own and other cultures are promoted and protected.

Wellbeing: The health and wellbeing of the child are protected and nurtured.