Fee Structure


To run a successful Childcare centre, the management of Rising Stars Preschool know it is important to keep the financial records up to date. Ensuring all accounts are paid on time, through efficient administration and accurate financial accountability.



To have in place systems where payments are up to date.

To keep records of all financial transactions.


Table of fees

Standard Charges:

Hourly rate $7.75


Early and late fees:

15-30 minutes early or late $10.00

30 and onwards early or late $25.00


20 Hours ECE

Rising Stars Preschool offers 20 Hours ECE for children 3 and over. This means you can book your child into Rising Stars for up to 6 hours per day, 20 hours per week and the government will subsidise the cost of their enrolment.


Work and Income Subsidy

These are paid directly to our centre.

The subsidy is based on your annual income and you will need to apply to Work and Income to receive your entitlement. For more information on the childcare subsidy, click the link below.


Fee and Payment Policy

Our full fees and payments policy will be made available upon enrolment or upon request.