Sports Court

Sports Court Programme

The educational philosophy underpinning Rising Stars Preschool is to provide a holistic educational environment which gives children a unique opportunity to develop as young athletes alongside their social and academic growth.

Research shows that ‘active movement’ not only helps children develop physically but intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Rising Stars will expose children to a range of sporting skills including fitness, teamwork and hand eye co-ordination - tools to give them a head start in sport as well as helping them develop into positive individuals with strong foundations for future learning.

The Coaches

Rising Stars Preschool will ensure the children will be exposed to a variety of skills. Sports coaches will spend the time in getting to know the children first through spontaneous events, activities and centre routines. This allows the Sports coaches to gain knowledge of who each child is.


Sports regularly played at the centre include; hockey, rippa rugby, football, basketball, tennis, dodge ball and netball.

Every day we will have a different sport set out for the children to try. The coach will demonstrate how to play it, the rules and what equipment to use. The children are free to come and join in as they choose. They will be made aware of the correct use of the equipment and basic safety. At all times they are encouraged to behave in a sportsperson like manner. The children are encouraged in sharing, turn taking and to cheer on and support others.

Current Coaches

Parys – Rugby, Netball, Horse Riding.

Sarah - Netball, soccer, hockey, swimming, waterpolo, athletics.

Past Coaches

Simon – Surf life saying, Tennis, Rugby, Boxing, Golf, Cricket, Basketball, Camp America.

Ryan - snooker/pool, cricket, bowls (Taranaki Reps) and hockey.

Liam - Taranaki Cricket, qualified personal trainer.

Hayden Whiting - rugby, rugby league, basketball, indoor netball, golf and cricket.

Dean Robinson - Central Districts and Taranaki Cricket player.

Frazier Climo - Taranaki Rugby and NPOB rugby.