In the charming surroundings of New Plymouth, Taranaki, Rising Stars Preschool offers a remarkable experience for young children. We're not your typical preschool; we're all about active play and early athletics.

Our active curriculum is designed to build physical, social, and emotional well-being from the ground up. At Rising Stars, we believe in active exploration in a safe and attractive learning environment.
Our impressive outdoor area and large sandpit provide children with a space to play, learn, and grow.

We recognize the importance of nurturing the fundamental movement skills and sports fundamentals from an early age.
Through movement education, we teach kids essential sports skills such as catching, kicking, and throwing.


Why are sports skills like catching, kicking, and throwing via movement education important?

At Rising Stars Preschool in New Plymouth, we place a strong emphasis on developing sports skills such as catching, kicking, and throwing through movement education.
But why do we believe these skills are so vital for your child's early development?

Fundamental Movement Skills:
Sports skills like catching, kicking, and throwing are classified as fundamental movement skills. These skills serve as building blocks for more complex movements. By honing these basics, children develop coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. These skills are not limited to sports; they're essential for everyday tasks like tying shoelaces or carrying a tray without spilling.

Physical Literacy:
Just as we teach children to read and write, we believe in fostering physical literacy. These skills lay the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity. The ability to catch a ball or kick accurately increases a child's confidence in participating in sports and games, ensuring they stay active and healthy throughout their lives.

Improved Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination:
Learning to catch, kick, and throw enhances hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. These skills are transferable to numerous activities beyond sports, from typing on a keyboard to playing a musical instrument. They contribute to fine and gross motor skill development.

Social Interaction:
Sports skills are not solely about individual performance. They often require cooperation and teamwork. When children learn these skills, they're not just improving their physical abilities but also their ability to work with others, resolve conflicts, and communicate effectively.

Boost in Self-Confidence:
As children master sports skills, they experience a boost in self-confidence. They learn that practice leads to improvement, which is a valuable lesson in resilience and perseverance.

Preparation for Sports Involvement:
Early exposure to skills like catching, kicking, and throwing prepares children for sports involvement in the future. Whether they decide to join a soccer team or a softball league, having a strong foundation in these skills ensures they can participate confidently.

Teaching sports skills through movement education is important because it equips children with fundamental movement skills that are essential for daily life and participation in sports.
It fosters physical literacy, enhances coordination, and promotes social interaction. Furthermore, it instils self-confidence and prepares children for a future in sports if they choose to pursue it.
Rising Stars Preschool is committed to nurturing these essential skills as part of our holistic approach to early childhood development. Your child's journey towards becoming a well-rounded and physically capable individual begins with us.


Our dedicated teachers are passionate about fostering a love for active exploration.
We understand that a strong foundation in physical, social, and emotional well-being is vital for a child's overall development.

At Rising Stars Preschool, we work in partnership with families and the community to ensure that their cultures, aspirations, and thoughts are respected and valued.
We believe in open and ongoing communication between parents, families, whānau, and teachers.

Discover the world of active play and early athletics with us.