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Developing Sports Skills in Taranaki Children

Taranaki parents, if you're on the lookout for a preschool that can help your child develop sports skills while nurturing their overall growth, look no further. Rising Stars Preschool, located in beautiful New Plymouth, offers a distinctive approach to education through sports and movement education.

We understand that sports skills like catching, kicking, and throwing are not just physical activities; they are essential for a child's overall development. Our curriculum focuses on movement education, ensuring that your child learns and practices these skills in a supportive environment.

Active exploration is at the heart of our approach. Our safe and attractive learning environment, complete with an impressive outdoor area and a large sandpit, provides the perfect setting for children to immerse themselves in active play and exploration.


Why is active exploration in safe and attractive learning environments important?
Active exploration in a carefully designed environment is at the core of Rising Stars Preschool's philosophy.
We believe it's essential for a child's holistic development.


Here's why we consider it so important:

Physical Well-Being:

Active exploration in our outdoor area and sandpit encourages physical activity. In today's world, where technology often dominates, providing children with opportunities to engage in active play is crucial. It promotes physical well-being, helping children develop strength, endurance, and coordination. It also fosters a love of movement and outdoor activities.

Social Interaction:
Our safe and attractive learning environment is a space for children to interact with their peers. Through play, they learn how to communicate, cooperate, and share. These social skills are invaluable not only in their early years but throughout life.

Creativity and Imagination:
Active exploration in our outdoor area stimulates creativity and imagination. It's in the sandpit where children can build sandcastles, create imaginary worlds, and express themselves freely. This kind of play nurtures a child's cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

Sensory Stimulation:
The outdoor environment engages children's senses in a unique way. Feeling different textures, smelling the fresh air, and hearing the sounds of nature are all part of the sensory experience. These sensory inputs are vital for brain development and sensory integration.

Emotional Well-Being:
Our impressive outdoor area and a large sandpit provides a tranquil setting where children can relax and unwind. Exposure to nature has been linked to reduced stress and increased emotional well-being. It allows children to connect with the natural world, fostering a sense of wonder and respect for the environment.

Independence and Confidence:
When children have the freedom to explore and play in a safe and attractive environment, it promotes independence. They learn to make choices, take calculated risks, and build self-confidence. These are skills that will serve them well in their future endeavours.

Connection to Nature:
In our ever more urbanized world, maintaining a connection to nature is vital. Our outdoor area encourages this connection, allowing children to appreciate and understand the natural world. This, in turn, promotes a sense of responsibility for our environment.


Active exploration in our safe learning environments, including our outdoor area, is crucial for children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. It provides a space where they can engage in meaningful play, interact with their peers, and develop skills that will benefit them throughout life.

At Rising Stars Preschool, we understand the value of this unique learning environment in nurturing well-rounded and confident individuals. Your child's journey towards becoming a curious, active, and imaginative learner begins here.

At Rising Stars Preschool, we are committed to building physical, social, and emotional well-being in every child. Our passionate and dedicated teachers work in close partnership with families and the community to create a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. We believe in open and ongoing communication, ensuring that your child's unique cultural and personal needs are respected and embraced.

Interested in helping your child unlock their sports potential?