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Sports-Based Learning for Mini Athletes

At Rising Stars Preschool, we believe that every child is a star in their own right, and we nurture their potential through a unique approach – sports-based learning.
Located in the heart of New Plymouth, Taranaki, our preschool offers children the chance to develop an array of essential skills while instilling an understanding of how to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

Our sports-based learning program is designed to transform your little ones into mini athletes.
We focus on fundamental movement and teamwork skills, all while promoting physical, social, and emotional well-being.
It's a holistic approach that not only ensures your child's physical development but also their social and emotional growth.

In our supportive and inspiring environment, Ngā tamariki are given the time and space to experiment and explore through a creative and meaningful program.
We understand the importance of physical well-being, and our curriculum reflects this by seamlessly integrating sports fundamentals into the daily routine.


Why Sports-Based Learning Is Important:

In the vibrant community of New Plymouth, we understand the significance of sports-based learning for young children at Rising Stars Preschool. Our approach revolves around providing children with unique opportunities to engage in sports-based learning. But why is this important, you may wonder?


Skill Development:
First and foremost, sports-based learning allows children to develop a wide range of skills. Whether it's running, jumping, catching, or teamwork, these skills go beyond the sports field. They lay the foundation for a child's physical competence and motor skills. These abilities are not just valuable in sports but also in daily life.

Physical Fitness:
In an age where screen time often dominates, sports-based learning is essential for instilling a love for physical activity. It helps children understand the importance of keeping their bodies fit and healthy. These early experiences can set the stage for a lifelong commitment to staying active and maintaining good health.

Teamwork and Social Skills:
Engaging in sports encourages teamwork and cooperation. Children learn to work together, communicate effectively, and understand the value of collaboration. These are skills that extend far beyond the sports field and into all aspects of life.

As children develop sports skills and engage in active play, they also build self-confidence. They realize that they are capable of learning and achieving, and this confidence positively impacts their overall development.

Holistic Growth:
Sports-based learning doesn't just focus on physical development. It promotes holistic growth, encompassing social and emotional well-being. Children learn valuable life lessons such as perseverance, discipline, and resilience through sports.


Sports-based learning at Rising Stars Preschool is important because it's more than just about playing sports. It's about equipping children with a toolkit of skills, instilling a lifelong love for physical activity, and nurturing their overall growth. We believe that by introducing sports fundamentals at an early age, we're laying the groundwork for confident, competent, and healthy individuals in the future. Your child's journey to becoming a mini athlete starts here.

We work closely with families and the community, respecting and valuing the diverse cultures and aspirations of our learners.
Open and ongoing communication between parents, families, whānau, and teachers is promoted, ensuring a supportive and collaborative partnership.


Ready to explore the world of sports-based learning and development at Rising Stars Preschool?